Internet Security

To protect yourself online remember to log out of all your online accounts at the end of your sessions. This includes email, Twitter and Facebook and banking.We also recommend that you donít tick any boxes which means that the site will remember your user name and password.


Terms and Conditions

Revised February 2015


1.    We filter access to the Internet in all our libraries.Although every effort is made to block offensive sites, occasionally one might bypass the filter.If you find a site which you think should be blocked, or you cannot access one which you believe should be available, please inform a member of library staff.


2.    If you want to book a computer then you will need to ask a member of staff. You will not be able to book your next computer session yourself.


3.    There is no access to chatrooms.For the safety and well being of both customers and staff, we have blocked the use of chatrooms.


4.    We block sites which show live television.


5.    You must not access, download or play music on library computers either over the Internet or from any other source.


6.    Staff can help you find a particular website, but we cannot help you with any kind of online transaction such as booking flights or using credit/debit card to make purchases online.


7.    Staff will manage bookings with the aim of ensuring that library computers are deployed as fairly, effectively and efficiently as possible for all customers.This means we may sometimes move your booking to another computer before the start of your session in order to avoid disrupting other customers.


8.    You may book a session at any Derby library, subject to availability.


9.    You must be a full library member to use the service. To become a member of the library is easy and free to anyone who lives, works or studies in Derby. To join you need to provide suitable identification Ė please ask a staff member for advice.


10. If you have outstanding library charges, you will not be able to use the Internet and computer service, except with the consent of library staff.


11. You must not look at material on the Internet that may be offensive, violent or obscene to other users of the library and which is illegal under English law and you must not distribute such material. A log is kept of Internet sites you visit while using the computer.


12. You must obey any regulations covering copyright and printing of material from the Internet.


13. Staff can help you to sign on and off the computer, but use of it beyond this is on a self-service basis only.It is your responsibility to make sure that you have logged off fully at the end of your session.


14. You must not tamper with, alter, amend or delete any equipment or programs stored on the hard disks of the computer. You must not attempt to get unauthorised access to the Derby City Council network.


15. Derby City Libraries accept no responsibility

a.    for any slow responses from the Internet

b.    if a site is not available

c.    brief communications failures

d.    for the validity of any material or information found on the World Wide Web.

e.    for the security of financial transactions you enter into online.


16. You must pay for all printing at the current rate. Library charges are displayed in each library.




I agree to accept the Terms and Conditions and I understand that if I break any of these Terms and Conditions, the Library staff have the authority to end my use of this computer.I understand that in serious cases this could result in a ban from using all Derby City Libraries and services.